Strong And Ready

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Kealoha Kaio

Kealoha Kaio is my Grandfather. He was strong and knew what to do and what to say. My Father, Kenneth Kaio, is just like him, Strong and ready to take any chances that must go. My Dad was there when his Father died in Utah. I wish I could of been there to be the last person to hear his final words. I wish I could have been there for his funeral to pray at his grave and see him go deep underground but yet his soul go up to the heavens above. Atleast Kealoha's children were there and some of his 35 grandchildren and some of his 14 great grandchildren. I wish everyone to remember his grace of the waves and his love of his family. May my grandfather R.I.P.

Born: Died:
March 30, 1935 June 9, 2005
Laie,Oahu,Hawaii Salt Lake City,Utah

Kealoha Daniel Kaio, Sr. R.I.P.